7 Seahawks moves John Schneider still needs to make this offseason

Seattle needs to fix some things before next season.

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Seattle has to decide to keep cap room open in 2025 for several players

As stated before, no well-run team thinks one year at a time. John Schneider knows what the cap room is going to be this season, but he also has an idea of what the cap space is going to be next offseason while taking into account which players are kept and which are released. Schneider and the Seahawks hope that every player they have maximizes their talent, but that is not a reality.

Seattle can assume, however, that several players whose contract is up after the 2024 season need to be retained. This likely means pay raises and then cap room would need to be made for this. Besides Julian Love, Seattle needs to make sure there is room to bring back Michael Jackson or Tre Brown, and, potentially, Jarran Reed. The good thing, though, is most of the key players for Seattle are under contract through 2025.

John Schneider has to remain patient to a degree

Schneider seems like a level-headed general manager who understands how the business works, but he has also had the gift of working with Pete Carroll since 2010. Carroll had the final say over all roster moves so that took one of the responsibilities that Schneider now has away. If the team had a poor season, some of the blame could be placed on Carroll. Now roster construction can be fully blamed (or praise given) on Schneider.

The GM also probably understands the 2024 roster is going to feature a lot of new players trying to come together under a new head coach. Expecting great results immediately might be too much. Once the season is into November then Schneider and 12s can probably see if there are roots that will grow and make the team into an eventual Super Bowl contender. The issue Schneider has, though, is he doesn't have as long a leash as he previously had because, without Carroll, any roster deficiencies will be Schneider's fault, and ownership will be aware of that.

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