3 Seattle Seahawks who need to play well in preseason Week 2 to keep their jobs

Two players could force Seattle to keep them on the active roster with another good preseason game in Week 2, but another might be dropping on the depth chart.
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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Easop Winston, Jr.

Winston might run into the same kind of issue that Koback has. That is how many wide receivers does Seattle want to keep on the roster? Most 12s likely feel really good about the team's top three receivers, DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba, but beginning with WR4, anything is possible.

Last year Dareke Young didn't get many chances to catch passes but he was good on special teams. When a race is this tight for just a couple of spots things like being very good in the third phase of the game could be the deciding factor whether a player stays or goes. The Seahawks know what Young will give them. While he has been out with a hip injury recently, he also returned to practice this week.

Let's assume Seattle keep six receivers simply because with receivers four through six one cannot be sure how much they can produce. Dareke Young makes sense to be one of the receivers to hold on to. This leaves two spots for Matt Landers, Cody Thompson, Dee Eskridge, Jake Bobo, Easop Winston, Jr., and Cade Johnson to battle for. Bobo has had an excellent training camp and was good against the Vikings.

But Winston at least has some experience in the NFL. He played in three games for the New Orleans Saints in 2021. He isn't overly big or fast, but he does seem to catch everything thrown his way. Against the Vikings, he also had a fantastic touchdown catch on a missile thrown by Drew Lock where Winston was able to shield his defender from the ball. That kind of route-running might give Winston a chance to make the roster. (There is a chance that Winston doesn't play Saturday with a slight groin injury, but he hopes to.)