3 Seattle Seahawks who need to play well in preseason Week 2 to keep their jobs

Two players could force Seattle to keep them on the active roster with another good preseason game in Week 2, but another might be dropping on the depth chart.
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Seattle Seahawks linebacker Devin Bush

The biggest loser in the news that the Seahawks have activated linebacker Jordyn Brooks off the PUP list is Devin Bush. Whenever Brooks is ready to play, he is going to be the starter next to Bobby Wagner, not Bush. This makes Bush expendable. Possibly Bush gets relegated to being a backup, or perhaps Seattle just releases him altogether.

As far as the latter part of that, Bush being released outright doesn't save the Seahawks very much money. The only part that Seattle saves is his per game roster bonus which comes to $510,000. Seattle would still owe Bush $2.99 million in 2023. Bush is only signed through the 2023 season. $510,000 wouldn't even cover the salary of a player on the veteran minimum.

Therefore, releasing Bush doesn't make tons of sense and he could be a decent backup. But maybe Seattle would like to still create any cap space it can to pick up a veteran released by another team. Maybe the team wants to try to add more interior defensive line depth. In that case, $510,000 would help to sign another player.

But what if Devin Bush doesn't play well against the Dallas Cowboys? This could give Seattle pause and decide to live with Ben Burr-Kirven and Jon Rhattigan for a game or three before Jordyn Brooks is fully ready. But without a doubt, Bush will only be a backup for most of 2023 if he does stick on the roster.

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