Seahawks News: Devon Witherspoon, Shane Waldron, Jody Allen and Bobby Wagner

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The Seattle Seahawks are 6-5, but 3-4 in their last seven games. Things are trending downward in lots of ways. Part of the issue is that Seattle seems worse than in 2022 somehow, but certainly does not have the draft capital in 2024 that the team had in 2023.

For instance, while Leonard Williams has been very good for Seattle since the team traded for him a few weeks ago, he will ultimately cost the team a second-round draft pick while he is also unlikely to re-sign with the team next offseason. Williams will be a free agent after this season. Seattle appeared to be going all-in when adding him but that appears to be a huge mistake now.

Seattle also might be forced to get a quarterback in the first round of 2024 as well. Not that grabbing a quarterback is bad, of course, but Seattle doesn't want to feel forced to do so. Plus, while the Seahawks could end up with a losing record, they still won't have a top-five pick so Seattle will not have one of the top quarterbacks available in the 2024 NFL Draft. But here is some news for Sunday.

49ers receiver Jauan Jennings throws shade at Devon Witherspoon

Witherspoon has been mostly very good for Seattle in his rookie season. He is great in coverage and in pass rush and is a fairly good tackler. But against the 49ers, he should have stopped Jennings from picking up a first down by three yards deep in Seahawks territory but Jennings simply overpowered Witherspoon and got the first. Jennings is bigger than Witherspoon, but better technique by Witherspoon would have brought Jennings down short of the first. Otherwise, teams would simply throw short passes to larger receivers all the time and let them carry cornerbacks for 5 to 7-yard chunks consistently.

Post-game, Jennings posted on Instagram saying, "Pay them folks that much money to be missing tackles. #makingmillionsmiss" The post was definitely about Witherspoon as Jennings only caught the one pass against the Seahawks where he dragged Witherspoon for a first down.

Hopefully, since the Seahawks and 49ers play again in two weeks, an already naturally highly motivated Witherspoon will be even more so and create a turnover or two against San Francisco. Maybe even a brutal hit against Jennings would be nice as well for Witherspoon. Anything that can help Seattle win.