Seahawks News: Devon Witherspoon, Shane Waldron, Jody Allen and Bobby Wagner

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Seattle Seahawks chairperson Jody Allen is not the problem

I have seen a lot of extreme reactions on 12th Man Rising Facebook (and X, too, but X has always been the most toxic of social media sites and has only gotten worse) to Seattle's recent losing trend from 12s thinking the entire coaching staff should be fired to most of the players should be let go. Neither of these is likely to happen and most of the player leaving would be foolish and the team would basically start over like an expansion franchise.

But perhaps the most curious complaints are about Seahawks chairperson Jody Allen. One comment said, "And don't forget the owner she needs to sell the team," in response to a post about what changes need to be made. Another comment said, "I hope its what Jody Allen thought they were. Time to rebuild from the top down. New mgmt, coach, QB. They're embarrassing." Many comments complained that Allen has little interesting in running the on-field product.

Paul Allen's wishes were that the Paul Allen Trust which is currently chaired by Paul's sister, Jody, would sell both the Seahawks and the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers. But there was no timeline for when the teams should be sold. Eventually, there will be a new owner of the Seahawks, but I hope that the new owner, much like Paul and Jody Allen, leaves the managing of the on-field team to football team. Jody Allen basically just owns the team, but she is not the issue the team is struggling; She only signs the checks.

And sure, she could fire head coach and Vice President of Football Operations Pete Carroll, but I certainly hope she does not want input on who the new coach should be. That needs to be left to people who know more about football than she (or I) do. Changing ownership shouldn't have much to do with whether the team is good or bad unless the owner likes to meddle without having enough knowledge on exactly what to do.