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DK Metcalf does a good thing

Because of DK Metcalf's penalties on the football field, some people see him as a bad person. This is because some people cannot separate football from reality. And I do not even mean that as a slight. Because of the way social media works and because we have access to immediate reactions of events, we make quick decisions about people based on small bits of information.

But most of us do not know DK Metcalf the person. We only know him as DK Metcalf the football player. Disliking a player is easy to do. What is difficult is drawing the line between disliking the player and disliking the person.

But after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Washington Commanders in Week 10, we can watch a human moment between DK Metcalf and Washington tight end Logan Thomas - caught by the cameras of NFL Films - happen. As the teams are meeting in the middle of the field, Thomas approaches Metcalf and says Thomas' 15-year-old son is a fan of Metcalf.

Metcalf then takes the jersey off the jersey he is wearing, signs the jersey, and gives it to Thomas to give to his son. That is classy stuff and likely a better indication of the real DK Metcalf than the one who sometimes picks up 15-yard penalties.

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