Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Geno Smith, Russell Wilson and Week 4 rankings

  • DK Metcalf discusses the difference between Geno and Russ
  • Seattle was offered a great trade for Wilson in 2021
  • FanSided releases new power rankings
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The Seattle Seahawks take on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 4. That means the game is on - let me double-check my calendar - Monday instead of Sunday this week. That means you have a whole day to rest up before staying up late on Monday.

Sure, the game on Monday will be over about 9 pm PT, but who can really wind down after a Seahawks game? It takes hours, right? You might want to go ahead and take the day off from work on Tuesday because you'll be in no shape to do a good job.

But we still have two days to go before game day so there is some other news to discuss. Some of that includes a trade Seattle could have done with the Chicago Bears for Russell Wilson in 2021. And what's the difference between Wilson and Geno Smith? First, some power rankings.

Seattle Seahawks jump up in latest FanSided power rankings

The most excellent Russell Baxter of FanSided's NFL Spin Zone has released his latest weekly power rankings and just two weeks after Seattle was ranked 27, the Seahawks have jumped up to near the top ten. It's crazy what a good win over a Detroit Lions team followed by a solid victory over the Carolina Panthers will do.

Seattle now ranks as number 11. Baxter rightfully points out that Seattle got off to a bit of a sluggish start against the Panthers and actually trailed at halftime before the offense came alive in the second half and scored 25 points and picked up 17 first downs. Seattle built their lead to 17 in the fourth quarter.

But therein lies a bit of an issue for Seattle in 2023 so far. Over the first three games, Seattle has had not-great first halfs in each game. In Week 2, Seattle had just 7 points before scoring 30 in the second half plus overtime. Seattle had just 12 in the first half against the Panthers. Seattle needs better starts to games moving forward and cannot always rely on excellent second halfs to win games.