Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, KJ Wright, Pete Carroll and Colin Cowherd

Lots of DK Metcalf and Pete Carroll discussion but not all about that one really bad play in Week 6.
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The Seattle Seahawks have been relatively massively successful since head coach Pete Carroll arrived in 2010. Seattle has the fifth-best winning percentage of all NFL teams since 2010 and they are tied with the second-most playoff appearances. Criticize Pete Carroll, if you choose, but he wins football games.

That's why when Carroll doesn't call a timeout when one thinks he should or doesn't discipline a player when we think he needs to that he should get the benefit of the doubt. It's OK to disagree with the coach. That's what being a fan is all about: Raw emotion and not having to answer to ownership. Heck, in a way, ownership answers to the fans.

Still, Carroll saw what he saw as fit when discussing what happened when DK Metcalf drew yet another 15-yard penalty this past week. In the past, Carroll said he has spoken with Metcalf about keeping calm when things get a bit heated. But when referring to the Week 6 incident, Carroll didn't seem to think there was an issue with what Metcalf did. What? KJ Wright even disagreed with Carroll's assessment.

Former Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright thinks Pete Carroll was wrong

On his weekly radio show on Seattle Sports on Wednesday, KJ Wright was asked about what was going on with DK Metcalf getting so many 15-yard penalties over the years for taunting, unsportsmanlike conduct, or unnecessary roughness. Then the conversation turned to what Carroll said specifically about the penalty in Week 6 in which he backed Metcalf's behavior and said Metcalf was still just in the process of blocking the Bengals cornerback and Metcalf didn't hear the whistle blow the play dead.

The clip was played for Wright from Carroll's Monday show on Seattle Sports when he was saying Metcalf didn't act of frustration before drawing the flag and not hearing the whistle. Wright's first response was, "No, coach. No, coach." Wright said the players don't "hear" the whistle. If a player stops and another player shoves that player then the player doing the shoving is at fault and risking the other player to injury.

Wright said what bothered him the most was that after the play Metcalf was still talking about the play but no coaches were really talking to Metcalf, at least not enough for Metcalf to simply listen to what was being said to him. Wright said the issue with the penalties should have stopped and shouldn't ever happen and also said of Seattle's coaches in respect to not having Metcalf stop with the bad penalties, "Whatever you tolerate, you encourage."