Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, KJ Wright, Pete Carroll and Colin Cowherd

Lots of DK Metcalf and Pete Carroll discussion but not all about that one really bad play in Week 6.
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A little praise for DK Metcalf

While Metcalf does cost his team field position and yards too many times (more than once is too many times), he's still a very good receiver. Does he have Tyler Lockett's hands? No, but few receivers do, including elite receivers. Metcalf is still catching 66.7 percent of his targets so far in 2023 and that is a career high. He’s also averaging 15.3 yards per catch which is his highest since 2020.

That number of 66.7 percent is actually higher than Ja’Marr Chase’s career average of 65.1 and even better than Jerry Rice’s number of 62.4. No, I am not saying Metcalf is as good as Chase or Rice, but he’s not far off and he certainly isn’t awful. Metcalf gets a bad rap from many that he doesn’t have good hands and that’s simply not true and the statistics don’t back that up either.

Does Metcalf need to control himself a lot more on the field? Definitely, yes. The Seahawks coaches also need to do a better job of getting one of their better receivers to understand he needs to be more calm and not risk hurting his team.

But a Seattle team without DK Metcalf is a diminished team. Had quarterback Geno Smith seen a wide-open Metcalf a couple of times in Week 6, maybe the outcome of the game would have been different. While Metcalf did have another bad penalty called on him, he is also not the reason that the Seahawks lost the game.