Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Riq Woolen, Super Bowl 48 and Jason Peters

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Jason Peters hasn't played yet but is helped the Seahawks backup OTs

Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan are eternally backups at offensive tackles for the Seahawks. That is, of course, unless the starters get hurt. As 12s all know now, starting OTs Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas both had to miss Week 2 and in their place, Forsythe and Curhan did just fine. In fact, they might have done better than Cross and Lucas would have done against the Lions because neither Forsythe or Curhan allowed a QB pressure.

A lot of the credit for the preparation of Curhan and Forsythe goes to offensive line coach Andy Dickerson, obviously. Dickerson has been the O-line coach for a couple of years now and has arguably made the unit better than the sum of its parts. Clearly Dickerson knows what he is doing as the Seahawks O-line performed extremely well in Week 2 even though they were missing as much as three starters on some snaps.

But leaving out newly acquired Jason Peters as part of the reason the offensive tackles were would be incorrect. Peters is a future Hall of Famer and has seen anything a defense might throw at an offense. Many might have assumed that if Peters were to play in Week 2 other than Forsythe, for instance, than the O-line would be better. But Forsythe was good, in part due to Peters.

According to Pete Carroll, when the team signed Jason Peters after Week 1 and due to Lucas and Cross being hurt, the team didn't ask Peters to mentor Forsythe and Curhan, Peters just did. And Peters echoed those words when he told the Seattle Times, "That’s just what I do. When they brought me in, they wanted me to come in and play. The other stuff, is extra. I know football. I’ve got 10,000 reps at tackle and the guys have been (receptive) to what I have to say." Good for him.