Seahawks News: DK Metcalf, Riq Woolen, Super Bowl 48 and Jason Peters

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DK Metcalf is not Trent Williams

If you happen to see the Thursday game between the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants then you would have seen Trent Williams throw a literal punch that hit a Giant in the facemask. Williams, likely the best left tackle in the NFL, wasn't flagged or thrown out of the game. Both should have been done. The issue if this had been Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf, he likely would have been thrown out of the game and maybe even suspended.

Ever since Metcalf was drawing flags on opposing players in his rookie season, the referees seem to waiting for Metcalf to mess up. He's been called for eight 15-yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting or unnecessary roughness. Those eight penalties are more than any other player. I'm not saying Metcalf didn't deserve to be flagged, but many times he is the only one flagged at the time something is going on and not the other player.

There just seems to be a double standard when it comes to Metcalf. If he does what Williams did, no way does that go unpunished.

Riq Woolen likely out in Week 3

In injury news, Metcalf does appear set to play in Week 3 after injuriing his ribs in Week 2. Woolen, however, has a shoulder injury and is unlikely to play against the Carolina Panthers. Carolina isn't exactly loaded with great receivers so Seattle should be OK without Woolen. Not that I just feel like I jinxed anything, though.

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