Seahawks News: Drew Lock, Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, and Pro Bowl voting

  • One site suggests a replacement for a Seahawks QB
  • A different look at the Russell Wilson trade
  • Who is Pro Bowl-worthy?

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One site says a Seahawks quarterback needs to be replaced

Many 12s want to replace Geno Smith with Drew Lock. That is a fine opinion, though in practice that might not work well. Lock has been bad in limited time. In parts of two games, Lock is 4 of 12 for 66 yards, an interception, and a quarterback rating of a staggeringly low 18.1. (I know there is an argument that Lock is put into games cold and what really should be expected of him, but in 2021 Geno Smith came off the bench cold in the second half of Week 5 against the Los Angeles Rams with Seattle down 16-7 and Smith went 10 of 17 for 131 yards and a touchdown pass and an interception and he ran 3 times for 23 yards leading Seattle to 10 points.)

Bleacher Report goes a step further than simply not putting Lock into games as B/R believes Seattle should just get rid of Lock altogether and replace him with Nick Foles. According to B/R:

"While Geno Smith was healthy enough to play on Thanksgiving, two Sundays ago proved that Drew Lock isn't a capable backup quarterback. Adding Foles would give the Seahawks another option to turn to in case Smith gets injured again and/or suffers a setback."

In other words, B/R is mirroring George Orwell's words from 1984 in terms of some 12s still thinking Lock should be the starter even after watching him play in two real games this year. Or as Orwell wrote: "(One's brain when watching Lock) told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was (its) final, most essential command."

OK, maybe that is a little harsh. If Drew Lock has to come in for an injured Geno Smith, of course I hope Lock does miraculously well. I just don't expect him to. Neither does Bleacher Report. And heck, maybe Nick Foles would be a good option behind Geno Smith.

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