Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Baker Mayfield, playoff scenarios and power rankings

  • One national pundit names a potential Geno Smith replacement
  • How Seattle can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17
  • New NFL power rankings

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Baker Mayfield in for Geno Smith?

Lots of 12s think that Seattle needs to find a new quarterback beginning in 2024. Some might like Drew Lock and some others might like Geno Smith, but rarely does a person like them equally, it seems. But most people would probably agree that the Seahawks need to take a quarterback relatively high in the 2024 NFL Draft. The issue is that Seattle does not have a second-round choice after trading the pick away for defensive lineman Leonard Williams earlier this season. This means Seattle would need to probably take a quarterback with their first pick, and this might be unlikely.

But NBC Sports' Mike Florio has another idea. Baker Mayfield of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is currently having the best season of his relatively underwhelming career but only signed with Tampa Bay for one year ahead of the 2023 season. Mayfield is an unrestricted free agent this coming offseason. Unless the Buccaneers place the franchise tag on him (which would likely pay Mayfield $35 million next season), Mayfield is free to sign anywhere.

Florio thinks the Seahawks could be a possible destination for Mayfield if Seattle moves on from Geno Smith. Smith is signed through 2025, but Seattle could save $13.8 million by releasing Smith. This savings would probably not be enough to lure Mayfield to Seattle, though.

Plus, there is no guarantee Mayfield would be better in the future than Smith or even Drew Lock. In the last three seasons (after Smith had a hiatus from being a starter in the NFL in 2014 until 2022), Smith has a touchdown percentage of 4.7 percent and an interception percentage of 1.9. Both of these are better numbers than Mayfield has had over his six-year career. Mayfield's 2023 season could be a one-off good year and there is no guarantee of future success.

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