Seahawks News: Geno Smith, DK Metcalf, Jason Peters and Charles Cross

A deeper dive into all the current news surrounding the Seattle Seahawks.
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The Seattle Seahawks lost badly in Week 1, but we are only a few days away from Week 2. Will Seattle rebound and get a quality victory over the Detroit Lions? Or will Seattle start 0-2 in what could be a very tough season?

Week 1 might already be forcing some changes for Seattle. The Seahawks suffered a number of injuries, including both starting offensive tackles. Seattle might already be looking to temporarily replace one (more on that in just a second).

Seattle doesn't truly face a must-win game against the Lions, but the backend of the schedule is rough. Of course, the way Seattle looked in Week 1 they made it seem as if every game could be rough for them. But here's some news for your Wednesday.

Seahawks sign offensive tackle Jason Peters

Seattle lost starting left tackle Charles Cross in the second half of Week 1 due to an injured toe. The injury appears to be turf toe which is especially bad for a player that must be able to push off quickly when blocking a large defensive lineman. There is currently no timeline for Cross' return - it's possible that Cross is back very soon, or he could miss many weeks. But what Seattle did this week doesn't make one feel hopeful about the Cross situation.

One move the Seahawks made was to re-sign offensive tackle Greg Eiland. Eiland has been in the Seattle system off and on since he was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2021. Eiland was added to the practice squad and he could be activated for a few game days. That doesn't mean he will be good if he does play, however.

One player who has been good in his career is Jason Peters. Seattle brought in Peters for a look this week and decided to sign him which might mean Cross is out for a while. The issue is that Peters is 41 years old and that is extremely long in the proverbial tooth for a football player. Peters was a full-time starter as recently as 2021 with Chicago and he continued to grade pretty well, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required). The truth is that Seattle could do worse than signing Peters, but 12s should still rather have Cross be healthy and play.