Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, and Tyler Van Dyke

  • Geno Smith's potential future QB competition
  • Adams' missed tackles
  • Williams the rental?
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One site says Geno Smith's replacement could be Miami's Tyler Van Dyke

The Seahawks signed Geno Smith to an extension this past offseason. The deal was for three years and is fairly front-loaded. Smith's cap hit goes up quite a bit in 2024, but his dead cap if released goes down quite a bit. Ultimately, two years from now and before the third year of the current contract, Smith's cap hit is $33.7 million but his dead cap is only $8.7 million. One way or another, Smith is very unlikely to still be the quarterback for Seattle in 2025.

Smith is also unlikely to be benched and replaced by backup Drew Lock this year. There is certainly no guarantee Lock would be better or more efficient than Smith. Lock has never proven he can be a very good quarterback in the NFL, and that includes the time he spent with the Denver Broncos when he started 21 games.

But Bleacher Report feels that Smith's eventual replacement could be the University of Miami's Tyler Van Dyke. Says the site, "Van Dyke is the gunslinger type; a passer who wants to win by being tough in the pocket and launching the ball into tight windows down the field.
He puts the ball in harm's way at times because of that." Putting the ball in harm's way sounds horrible, but the arm strength is good.

So far in 2023, Van Dyke has thrown 16 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions but he has completed 67.7 percent of his passes. Van Dyke doesn't run much, however, so don't expect him to be dynamic. Bleacher Report feels he is a prime candidate to sit behind Smith for a year before taking over as QB1 in 2025.

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