Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, and Tyler Van Dyke

  • Geno Smith's potential future QB competition
  • Adams' missed tackles
  • Williams the rental?

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The defense got some bad news on and off the field

Last week (which feels like three weeks ago) the Seahawks traded for defensive lineman Leonard Williams. Williams has been a good pro for a decade and his play hasn't dropped off that much in the last couple of seasons even though he has been asked to be something closer to a nose guard than a defensive end for the New York Giants. Well, Leonard must have felt like he was still playing for New York in Week 9 as he watched his team get blown out.

Seattle gave up a 2024 second-round choice for Williams in hopes that Williams will help the defensive line get a little tougher along the interior. But according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Williams is unlikely to get an extension offer during the season and Williams will be a free agent next offseason. So Seattle might have just gifted the Giants a decent draft pick while Williams joined a team that might struggle to make the postseason this year. Ick.

Also ick was how Jamal Adams played in Week 9. While Seattle was credited - and I am not making this statistic up and the number is according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required) - with 23 missed tackles against the Ravens, Adams missed half of his tackle attempts. He was in on 3 tackles in Week 9 and he also missed 3.

Adams has been good this year and he will be better than he was against the Ravens. But the way Jamal Adams played against the Baltimore Ravens is not winning football.