Seahawks news: Jake Bobo, Kyu Blu Kelly, practice squad, and roster moves

The Seahawks made a bunch of signings and roster moves on Wednesday to get everything settled ahead of Week 1.
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The Seattle Seahawks begin their season in just a bit over a week. That seems insane, although NFL offseasons always seem like they take four years to go through. That's the way it is to be a football fan, I guess.

Seattle set its active 53-man roster earlier this week and signed most of its practice squad players on Wednesday. Basically, what you see is what you get from the current roster of the 2023 Seahawks. Unless there is a surprising trade made, the players Seattle has now are the ones they are going to win or lose with.

The team does have talent, however. There are positions of concern, sure, but overall this could be - should be? - another playoff team. And here is some news about the team from the last couple of days.

Seattle Seahawks Jake Bobo now available for fantasy leagues!

You wanted more Bobo and you get more Jake Bobo! That is if you play in an ESPN fantasy football league. Of course, there was no reason for Bobo to even have his name in the mouth of fantasy league owners even a month ago, but now? He might not be worth starting every week, but he likely could pick you up a few points.

The Jake Bobo addition to fantasy leagues was even celebrated by Seattle Seattle Twitter (or X or whatever it might be called in your country). Bobo is such a great story. Partly the interest in him revolves around his unusual and fun name, but also that he works his behind off to earn every rep he gets. He clearly is well-liked by his teammates and they are the ones who came up with the phrase all 12s love now, "More Bobo!"

So if you do play fantasy football and have a really deep league, maybe pick up Bobo just for fun. There's no guarantee that even DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are going to help your team that much, so Bobo isn't likely to have an impact either. Still, having him on your team would allow you to change your team's name to More Bobo, right?