Seahawks News: Jake Bobo, Michael Jackson, Will Dissly and power rankings

  • Seattle has some surprising stars, according to Pro Football Focus
  • Seattle falls in power rankings but not as far as you might think

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The Seattle Seahawks are currently going through a difficult part of their schedule. Seattle has lost two straight but likely needs to win at least three more games to try to get into the 2023 playoffs. Don't look now, though, because the postseason picture will get murkier before it gets clearer.

Seattle might lose their next three games and be 6-8. There is zero shame in that, however. The Seahawks will be favored to lose its next three games, and each of the teams that Seattle faces - the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles - are all very good teams. Maybe Seattle will pull of a surprise or three.

To do so, Seattle's offense needs to correct itself a bit. More touchdowns instead of field goals would be nice. Possibly including the tight ends better in the scheme, too, as well as Jake Bobo.

Seattle Seahawks Jake Bobo still blocks like few others

For much of the season, Pro Football Focus (subscription required) has given Jake Bobo an elite blocking grade for a wide receiver. Bobo does do better in terms of run blocking than pass blocking, but this makes sense as if Bobo is in the game he is likely running routes on pass plays instead of staying in and blocking. He simply has fewer opportunities - 2 pass block snaps versus 114 run block snaps - to show he can pass block.

To be fair, Jake Bobo should be getting more targets as well. He has been targeted 17 times in 11 games and has caught 14 of those and only credited with one drop. He also has 2 touchdown receptions and he has one carry which picked up a first down. While Bobo doesn't need as many targets as DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett, the Seahawks offense needs to expand a bit to include players such as Bobo and the tight ends.

Bobo just needs more snaps in general. His ability to block should especially help the team near the end zone. Plus, as Seattle struggles in red zone offense - Seattle is 25th in red zone percentage - having Bobo in as a blocker or a 6'4" target can only help, right? Seattle simply needs more Bobo.