Seahawks News: Jake Bobo, Michael Jackson, Will Dissly and power rankings

  • Seattle has some surprising stars, according to Pro Football Focus
  • Seattle falls in power rankings but not as far as you might think
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Week 13 power rankings

The Seahawks have lost two straight. They lost a horribly close game to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11 and then a few days later got squashed by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12. Seattle surprisingly moved up a spot in last week's FanSided NFL power rankings, but one would assume they would have fallen quite a bit after the 49ers game. That assumption would have been incorrect, though.

The team that Seattle faced in Week 12, the 49ers, moved up quite a bit. San Francisco was ranked 7 ahead of Week 12 but is now number 4. According to the most high and excellent Russell Baxter, "San Francisco has outscored Pete Carroll’s club by a combined 120-56 count" in the last four meetings between the teams. That is an average score of 30-14. Ouch.

Seattle will play the 49ers again in Week 14, but this week Seattle plays the Dallas Cowboys who are ranked 3. After playing the Cowboys and 49ers, the Seahawks will take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are ranked 1. Basically, while the 49ers are very good, Seattle will play teams better than they are in two of the next three games.

As far as the Seahawks go, they were ranked 12 last week and even though they got destroyed by the 49ers, they only fell to number 15 this week. Baxter writes, "Seattle faces the Cowboys, 49ers and Eagles in their next three games. Yikes." Indeed.