Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Dre'Mont Jones, Boye Mafe, and Week 4 prediction

  • Jamal Adams almost retired
  • Boye Mafe's value isn't measured in raw stats
  • What's going to happen in Week 4?

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Dre'Mont Jones is down but Boye Mafe is up

Dre'Mont Jones injured his hip on his 32nd snap against the Carolina Panthers and he had to leave the game. He didn't return and the likelihood he plays in Week 4 is iffy. While it would be great if Jones were healthy (just as it would be if all humans everywhere we fully healthy), Seattle might not missed the defense lineman all that much.

Jones was signed this offseason to the most expensive contract general manager John Schneider had ever signed a free agent of another team to. Jones signed a three-year deal for $51,530,000 but one that is fairly front loaded to the first two years. This means he has two seasons to prove he is good enough to keep around for the third year, and so far, he hasn't been.

Because Seattle plays a 3-4 base, Jones gets double-teamed a lot. But he gets double-teamed no more than Jarran Reed. Yet, so far in 2023, Jones is nowhere near the top-ten in run-stop or pass-rush win rate. Meanwhile, Reed ranks sixth in pass-rush win rate while being double-teamed 69 percent of the time. Reed is earning his contract but Jones isn't, at least not yet.

At least the pass rush is being helped a great deal by second-year player Boye Mafe. Mafe wreaks havoc on opposing quarterbacks, but you wouldn't know that from his raw stat line. He only had 1 tackle against the Carolina Panthers in Week 3, but there was no doubt Panthers quarterback Andy Dalton felt his presence.

As far as edge rushers this year, Mafe is third in the NFL in pass-rush win rate at 31 percent. That means while he isn't getting a bunch of sacks, he is making offenses adjust to him. And that should free another pass rusher up to get a QB hurry.