Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Zach Charbonnet, Pete Carroll and 12s

  • Zach Charbonnet punishes
  • Jamal Adams might be ready
  • Pete loves 12s
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The Seattle Seahawks are now 2-1 with a very winnable game against the New York Giants in Week 4. That would make the team 3-1 ahead of the Week 5 bye week for Seattle. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, right?

That's what happened ahead on Week 1. Many of use thought Seattle was going to begin their season with a defeat of the Los Agenesl Rams and start down the path of another postseason berth. Instead, the Rams stomped on the Seahawks at Lumen Field.

So before we assume Seattle will be 3-1, let's take a step back and reflect. We should take a deep breath. And we should reflect on what happened after Week 3 and what is happening in the now.

Seattle Seahawks running back Zach Charbonnet goes full beast mode in Week 3

No, Charbonnet did not run for over 100 yards or score multiple touchdowns. That will all come in time. Instead, Charbonnet had a career-high 9 carries and a career-high 46 yards. I realize using the term "career-high" for someone who has only played three games seems silly, but it's still a fact. And the secret unsaid is that Charbonnet has improved each week and that's the point.

But against the Panthers, Charbonnet didn't just run hard and straight to the line of scrimmage, the thunder to fellow RB Kenneth Walker's outside speed lightning, but he exploded on a poor Panther who attempted to tackle him near the goal line. Charbonnet didn't just punish Sam Franklin for having the audacity to stop him, but he pushed Franklin potentially into T-Mobile Field across the street. (Maybe the Seattle Mariners can use Franklin as a runner because the Mariners need the help currently.)

On the play, Charbonnet was forced out of bounds at the 2-yard line so I guess Franklin did his job and Charbonnet could have potentially scored had he cut his run inside and run Franklin over at the goal line, but run Franklin over he did. Let's hope we see many more runs by Charbonnet like that in the future, only he scores instead of runs out of bounds.