Seahawks news: Marshawn Lynch, Geno Smith, Jake Bobo, and Devin Bush

IN mostly non-roster cut Seattle football news, one former Seahawks great makes a movie.
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Tuesday is an important day across the NFL, of course. Like every other team, the Seattle Seahawks have to trim their roster to 53 and announce who will make the initial 53-man squad. By Wednesday, though, the team can start reworking things if needed, such as Jamal Adams going on IR for the first four games possibly.

Even rookie receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba could miss the first four games if his surgically repaired wrist is not quite ready to hold on to footballs or blocks opponents. That last part might actually be the key, of course. Catching balls is one thing, but Smith-Njigba will do more blocking that pass-catching and if he can't keep your man from taking down a fellow teammate, that's not good.

But there is some other news of note on Tuesday as well. Maybe something to take your mind off all the stress of rosters cuts. Heck, you might even read about a new movie to go see.

Former Seahawks great Marshawn Lynch makes a movie

Let's start with that last part first. You may already know that Marshawn Lynch has a big role in a new film called "Bottoms." The film is about two teenage lesbians who start a female fight club that involves several other motives. Lynch was asked by director Emma Seligman to play the role of teacher/fight club advisor Mr. G.

Lynch is already receiving rave reviews as well. Seligman asked Lynch to be in the film after she saw him on an episode of the Will Arnett-led Netflix show "Murderville," which is a mostly ad-libbed show except for Arnett's part. Lynch is naturally funny, as most 12s know. He just has an easy sense of humor that appears 100 percent genuine. This seems to work extremely well with his role in "Bottoms."

According to the, Seligman said, "I remember (Lynch) was confused. We had to have a few conversations on the phone about it because he was quite surprised that we were offering this to him. I think I needed to gain his trust a little bit.” Sounds exactly like Beast Mode himself, and he and the film seem very worth your time to see.