Seahawks news: Marshawn Lynch, Geno Smith, Jake Bobo, and Devin Bush

IN mostly non-roster cut Seattle football news, one former Seahawks great makes a movie.
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Seahawks Jake Bobo appears a lock to make the roster

So we've seen for weeks now how the sloth-like speed of Jake Bobo is a waste in the NFL, right? He's only on the roster currently because every other Seahawks receiver is injured. Maybe he could go be a graduate assistant coach somewhere. (OK, my bad jokes are done.)

One guarantee that Jake Bobo, who actually always seems to somehow be open and catches everything thrown his way even though he isn't DK Metcalf-fast, is going to be on the initial 53-man roster is that after Seattle's preseason finale against the Green Bay Packers Bobo was given a chance at the podium to speak by himself in the post-game press conference. An undrafted rookie free agent allowed to speak to the media post-game? Yeah, Bobo is a lock to make the team so we will definitely be seeing more Bobo!

Seattle Seahawks wanting to trade Devin Bush?

A couple of reports surfaced after Seattle's loss to Green Bay, a game in which Bush played for almost the first three quarters before suffering a concussion, that Seattle is looking to potentially trade Bush. This is the first year Bush has played in Seattle as he was signed as a free agent this offseason. He makes too much money to just release, however, as his dead cap accounts for $2,990,000 while his overall contract is just $3.5 million. In other words, not much savings.

Of course, the Seahawks can blame Jordyn Brooks for the issue with Bush. If Brooks wasn't some kind of superman and getting back from a major knee injury in about 8 months instead of year, Bush would be starting in Week 1. Now Brooks is expected to start next to Bobby Wagner. Insane.

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