Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Jamal Adams, DK Metcalf and Week 14 picks

  • Is the coach losing control of his team?
  • Who is picking who in Week 14?
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Has Pete Carroll lost control of his Seattle Seahawks?

Pete Carroll has always been a coach who lets his players be themselves. It's one of the pillars of his coaching success, he believes. And who is to argue really? The Seahawks have the sixth-most wins in the league since Carroll and general manager John Schneider came to Seattle to run the on-field product of Seahawks football. But time changes, of course, and a great coach has to adjust with that.

This season we have seen players act slightly differently, both toward the media and toward the team itself. Jamal Adams, for instance, went after a Jets reporter on social media and Adams responded by saying something negative about the reporter's wife and posting a photo of her.

Things like that happen in sports, of course, but Adams and Carroll have both said they have spoken about the situation and Adams seems no different in his attitude about the event. Is that Adams' way of disrespecting Carroll by seemingly dismissing any advice or direction about what Carroll may have said?

Earlier in the season, receiver DK Metcalf completely dismissed Carroll's talk about how Metcalf needed to stop accumulating 15-yard penalties. Carroll wrote the team's penalties on a whiteboard and showed what kind Metcalf was getting. When asked by a reporter, Metcalf wiped away any praise for Carroll and said the board was just a board to him.

I like Carroll and he has led the Seahawks to a ton of wins. But any coach who might be losing control of his team is going to have issues. Plus, many times to fix the issue, the head coach needs to lose his job.