Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Jamal Adams, DK Metcalf and Week 14 picks

  • Is the coach losing control of his team?
  • Who is picking who in Week 14?
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Week 14 picks!

The Seahawks have lost to the San Francisco 49ers four straight times and none of those games have been close. Seattle miraculously led the 49ers at halftime in the 2022 Wild Card playoff game before losing 41-23. The 21-13 49ers win last December never felt that close and the 49ers led 21-6 before a late Seahawks touchdown.

San Francisco, when healthy, looks like the best team in the NFL and it doesn't even appear close. The 49ers lost three straight games earlier this season but they were without several key players. They are healthy entering Week 14 so does Seattle truly have a chance to beat the 49ers? The hope is the old adage that on any given Sunday any NFL team can beat another.

But the likelihood of Seattle winning? That is not very high. I have no seen any national media outlet pick the Seahawks to beat San Francisco. We are only two weeks from the 49ers slamming the Seahawks 31-13. I see this game as the 49ers getting off to a fast start offensively and putting some distance between them and the Seahawks until Seattle gets a late score or two that makes the score look closer than the game truly was. The 49ers win 35 to 24. Here is what some national pundits think.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: 49ers 35 Seattle 23
Ali Bhanpuri, 49ers 33 Seattle 21
Tom Blair, 49ers 27 Seattle 14
Brooke Cersosimo, 49ers 34 Seattle 20
Gennaro Filice, 49ers 31 Seattle 17
Dan Parr, 49ers 29 Seattle 18
Everyone at ESPN picks the 49ers
Everyone at The Athletic picks the 49ers

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