Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Jamal Adams, Lionel Messi and Leonard Williams

  • The coach deserves a lot of respect for one very good reason
  • Jamal Adams does his best Lionel Messi
  • How much does Leonard Williams improve the team?
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Jamal Adams mimics Lionel Messi and gives a shoutout to same

Near the end of Week 8 with Seattle down 20-17 and with Cleveland having the ball trying to pick up a few first downs in hopes of running out the clock, Browns quarterback P.J. Walker dropped back to pass. At the same time, Seattle sent safety Jamal Adams on a rare blitz, but it was clear Adams was not going to get home and sack Walker. Instead, as Walker began to throw, Adams jumped up as high as he could and Walker's pass hit off of Adams' helmet.

We know what happened next. Adams' deflection popped up high in the air and into the arms of Seattle safety Julian Love for an interception. This set the Seahawks up with pretty good field position and Geno Smith and the offense would take over and go on a game-winning touchdown drive.

Was what Jamal Adams did intentional? Not completely. According to ESPN, Adams admitted to not trying to have the ball hit his helmet as that would require being somewhat of a soothsayer of where the pass was going to go exactly and also really lucky. As Adams put it, "I got that from (soccer great Lionel) Messi. I was just coming on a blitz...We needed the ball back, and seeing the guard kind of pull, I jumped as high as I could and luckily pulled it off, man, right off the head."

What makes the play fairly astonishing, however, is that whether Adams meant to hit the ball with his helmet or not, the video makes it look like that's what he meant to do. He rushes, jump, turns his head, and the ball hits his helmet. No matter, the play resulted in Seahawks happiness.