Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Geno Smith and Quandre Diggs

  • Pete's gum causes issues
  • JSN's catch
  • Geno and Quandre at a loss for answers

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The Seattle Seahawks looked fairly awful again in their Thanksgiving Day loss to the San Francisco 49ers. This marked the third time that Seattle had lost by at least 17 points in 2023. Seattle's current point differential is negative-20. Seattle next plays the Cowboys in Dallas and the Cowboys point differential is plus-162.

After Seattle plays 7-3 Dallas, the Seahawks will travel to play the 49ers again (San Francisco's point differential is plus-140) and then Seattle hosts the 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles (point differential plus-61). The next three games, at least, could also be blowouts not in favor of the Seahawks. We are certainly in the midst of the kind of Seahawks season we have not seen in some time.

This is especially true as 12s hoped that Seattle would at least equal their 9-8 record from 2022. But even after a successful 2023 NFL draft, Seattle somehow appears worse than last season. There appears to be no easy fix for Seattle either. But here is some news for Saturday.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll peeves people off with his gum

Carroll, as all 12s know, loves to chew his gum. He goes through something like 20 pieces a game. Nervous habit? Sure. Maybe a slight superstition as well. But when he is done with his gum, he simply throws the piece wherever he wishes.

Yeah, it is gross. Imagine all that gum over the years and how many people have stepped in it. Carroll likely needs a gumologist that he keeps around to simply collect his chewed gum. Surely, that gumologist collects enough and builds the pieces into a mound that the mound will end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. But some fans get upset about Carrol flinging his gum around, though some are a little too easily offended by Carroll's gum.

I am going to go ahead and assume "Logan" is joking to some degree as he mentions the President getting involved in the gum issue. Maybe the whole tweet is a joke. Still, there are others like Logan on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter). Don't be a Logan, 12s.