Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Riq Woolen, Stone Forsythe and Jerrick Reed II

  • Jerrick Reed steals something
  • Pete Carroll gets miffed
  • Riq Wolen gets hurt
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Seahawks use Stone Forsythe at left tackle and he's good

How good is Stone Forsythe through a game-and-a-half? According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), he is the 20th-highest-graded offensive tackle in the NFL through two games. He has allowed no QB hits or sacks, and he has allowed just 4 total pressures on 58 pass-block snaps. I'm not saying Forsythe is as good as starters Charles Cross or Abraham Lucas, but how much better does a 12 feel about Seattle's offensive line depth now?

Forsythe is playing well enough where the Seahawks probably hold out Cross against the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 as well. Any rest Cross can get now for his injured toe is only going to help later in the year. For as much-maligned as Seattle's 2021 draft class has been, Forsythe and Tre Brown played big roles in the Week 2 victory.

Seahawks rookie Jerrick Reed II blows people up

Jerrick Reed isn't getting a lot of play on defense, but he is making a name for himself on special teams. We knew from watching training camp and preseason (and his college film) that Reed was not afraid to put himself in a position to make a big hit. That likely earned him a roster spot with Seattle this year as well.

Against the Lions, he blew up Detroit's punt return inside the ten-yard line on an excellent Michael Dickson punt. The field might have been fairly open had Reed not made the tackle but he left no doubt who he was. And then after the game, Jerrick Reed found one of the blue ski masks that Lions fans were wearing during the game and used it to help Seattle celebrate in the locker room.

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