Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Riq Woolen, Stone Forsythe and Jerrick Reed II

  • Jerrick Reed steals something
  • Pete Carroll gets miffed
  • Riq Wolen gets hurt
  • Stone Forsythe shines
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Riq Woolen might be OK...or not

Seahawks Pro Bowl cornerback Riq Woolen, who teams have started the 2023 season by not throwing near, hurt his chest and shoulder in the first half against the Lions. He made a physical tackle and seemed all right right after the ball was done but then took a knee on the field and the trainers came out. Did you feel your heart sink then, 12? I certainly did.

Woolen was walking around for a bit on the sidelines before he headed to the locker room. He didn't return to the game, but thankfully corners Tre Brown and Devon Witherspoon did fairly well in his absence. Woolen played only 11 snaps on Sunday, while Brown played 55 and Witherspoon all 66 defensive snaps.

After the game, Pete Carroll said that Woolen would be OK but gave no timeline on Woolen's return. And, well...We still don't know when Woolen will come back. On Seattle Sports 710 AM on Monday, Carroll emphasized that Woolen seems to be fine, but again didn't say when he might return. Week 3 might not be the week he comes back, either.

And that would be OK. No offense to the Carolina Panthers offense, but they are just finding their way with rookie quarterback Bryce Young. Seattle should be OK if Witherspoon and Brown get most of the snaps again. Witherspoon should be even better in his second NFL game, and Brown was fantastic against the Lions in Week 2.