Seahawks News: Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, power ranking and Week 12 picks

  • Who is picking who to win?
  • Did Seattle diss Russell Wilson on purpose?
  • Power rankings for Week 12

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The Seattle Seahawks play on Thanksgiving for the first time in nine years. The last time Seattle played on Thanksgiving was also against the San Francisco 49ers, who Seattle also plays on Thursday. In 2014, the Seahawks won 19-3. Wouldn't it be nice if that happened again this season?

San Francisco is about a touchdown favorite, however. As most home teams get about 3 points just for being at home, that means oddsmakers expect San Francisco to defeat Seattle by about 10 points. Ouch. Kind of a smack in the face. But likely warranted.

The 49ers lost three games in a row earlier this year due to missing a bunch of key players to injuries. San Francisco is mostly healthy now, though they did lose safety Talanoa Hufanga to a torn ACL in Week 11, and fresh off two easy victories in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, Seattle has lost two of three. Here is some news to start your Thanksgiving Day.

Seattle Seahawks fall in Week 12 power rankings

After suffering a loss to the then-3-6 Los Angeles Rams in Week 11, one would expect the Seahawks to fall in FanSided's latest power rankings, and well...they didn't. In fact, while Seattle ranked 13 in the pre-Week 11 rankings, they moved up a spot in the pre-Week 12 rankings. A loss to the Rams and somehow Seattle looks better? How?

There is no clear answer, though, according to the venerable Russell S. Baxter. Baxter talks about after starting 3-1, Seattle has split its last six games. And Baxter points out that Seattle's offense was lethargic. But there is no indication given why Seattle rose in the rankings after a loss.

The worse news is that the three teams Seattle will face over the next four games are all ranked highly. The 49ers (the Seahawks face them in Weeks 12 and 14) are ranked 7, the Dallas Cowboys (Week 13) are ranked 3, and the Philadelphia Eagles (Week 15) are ranked 1. Ugh. Maybe the Seahawks can pull off a miracle or two in those games.