Seahawks News: Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, power ranking and Week 12 picks

  • Who is picking who to win?
  • Did Seattle diss Russell Wilson on purpose?
  • Power rankings for Week 12

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Did the Seahawks intentional diss Russell Wilson?

According to our friends at FanSided's Denver Broncos site Predominantly Orange, the Seahawks "violently" disrespected former Seattle quarterback and now-Broncos QB Russell Wilson in a recent Twitter post. First of all, the word "violently" does not fit at all and is complete hyperbole. There was no violence involved.

Secondly, Seattle did the right thing by posting the tweet in the way they did. The tweet is simple enough as there is an emoji of a knife and fork above a photo of former Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman eating a large turkey drumstick on the 49ers field post-game of the 2014 matchup between the Seahawks and the 49ers on Thanksgiving. As mentioned before, Seattle won the game 19-3. Had the 49ers won, they would have been eating turkey on the home field post-game.

The complete picture features Sherman, NBC reporter Hannah Storm, and Russell Wilson on the right of Storm. But there is a very good reason that Seattle cut Wilson out of the photo and kept Sherman in: Wilson currently plays for another team and Sherman does not. Stranger would have been to keep Wilson in the tweet.

Funny how people get so upset over such a little thing. Plus, right now, who is more beloved: Sherman or Wilson? Likely Sherman because he lives in the Seattle area and helps the team in training camp while Wilson wears another team's uniform.