Seahawks news: Salary cap health and Marshawn wants a camera

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In Seahawks news for your Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks rank low in terms of salary cap healthy, per Pro Football Focus, but there's a catch. And a story about Marshawn Lynch wanting a camera.

As far as the ranking of salary cap health, PFF (subscription required) included several factors, but then when they get to the Seahawks part, they kind of throw those factors out. Seattle still ranks 28th overall, though. Salary cap health, according to PFF, is based on top 51 veteran valuation, expected cap space between 2023 and 2025, rookie contract players, total prorated money, and 2023 free agent projections.

The reason all that stuff gets tricky when looking at the Seahawks is because they have a lot of young guys starting on defense and they could all be very good. Most of them will be paid on rookie deals for at least three more seasons which could open up cap room for Seattle.

Seahawks news for Saturday includes Marshawn Lynch wanting a camera

Even PFF admits their metrics don't really fit for Seattle. When speaking about all the young guys starting, the site says that this "merely underscores how some situations cannot be cleanly captured with our metrics." PFF also points out that the Russell Wilson trade continues to pay dividends by allowing the Seahawks to pick up all that young talent and allowed the team to be a lot more flexible in its spending instead of tying so much money into Wilson.

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In other words, though Seattle ranks 28th, it's a good time for the franchise and just another reason to be happy to be a 12.

In an unearthed Marshawn Lynch story (I joke for dramatic effect there), Seahawks photographer Rod Mar spoke recently about the first time he met Beast Mode. Lynch was new to Seattle and the team was on a road trip to Chicago to play the Bears. This would have been in 2010 as Lynch's first game ever for the Seahawks was against the Bears.

Mar had never been asked by a player about a camera before until Lynch did. Then Lynch offered to buy the camera. Mar asked when and Marshawn replied that he would like to buy the camera immediately. Mar then explained he needed the camera for the game and couldn't sell it. It's crazy the effect that Lynch can have on people.

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There need to be more people in the world like Marshawn Lynch. He is unique and seems to be loyal to his friends and smart with his business. Instead of "be like Mike," maybe we should say, "be like Beast Mode."