Seahawks news: Will Anderson, Jr. comes in for a visit but does it matter

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The Seattle Seahawks invited Will Anderson, Jr. in for a visit on Wednesday, a week before the 2023 NFL draft. Anderson is, of course, the great edge rusher from the University of Alabama, and his game tape is excellent and his physical skill is fantastic. But will Anderson still be around at pick 5 overall?

A few things to unpack here. First, Anderson appears to never have had any character issues. In fact, there is very little news about him other than what he does on the football field. If you are an NFL about to invest millions into a player, that is a good thing. If you are a fan looking to follow an effervescent player, that may not be the case. Both could be positives.

Secondly, Anderson has the skill to start Week 1 for the Seahawks. Actually, if he is chosen at pick 5, there is no reason to not expect him to be an immediate starter. Not because he is simply the number 5 pick for Seattle but because nearly every number 5 pick ever should be an immediate starter.

Seahawks host Will Anderson, Jr. on Wednesday

Lastly, and possibly most sadly, Anderson visiting Seattle might be a moot point. He could be drafted before Seattle even has a chance to take him in the draft. While many of the teams choosing above the Seahawks could take quarterbacks, the poorly-run Arizona Cardinals sit at pick number 3 overall and Anderson would be a great pickup for them. Or any team, so let's hope Arizona doesn't draft him.

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In a best-case scenario, Arizona will trade back and the top four teams in the draft will all take quarterbacks. This means the Seahawks would have their choice of any non-quarterback. While it is possible Seattle goes with Jalen Carter, Anderson seems to be the more versatile of the players and is arguably the best player in the 2023 draft.