Seahawks News: Zach Charbonnet, power rankings and picks for Week 11

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The Seattle Seahawks take on the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11. In Week 1, the Rams stomped on any dreams of Seattle having a special season in 2023. Still, Seattle might not be 6-3 without the early-season wake-up call from the Rams.

Seattle thought it was going to be great? Not quite yet. Give it a little more time.

But in Week 11, the Seahawks have a chance to get a bit of revenge against a team that has been the proverbial thorn in Seattle's side for years now. Rams head coach Sean McVay is 9-5 against Pete Carroll. We do not want that first number to get to 10. Here is some news for Saturday.

Seattle Seahawks rookie running back Zach Charbonnet gets attention, needs ball

Near the end of the Seahawks Week 10 victory over the Washington Commanders and with Seattle attempting to drive down the field far enough to try a game-winning field goal, Zach Charbonnet caught a pass from Geno Smith, exploded into a defender, and then fell down just short of the out of bounds line. Or so the officials ruled him down. Charbonnet should have left no doubt and just gotten out of bounds, but that would not have been the Zach Charbonnet way.

Seattle was forced to call a time-out on the play. Charbonnet headed back to the huddle and Geno Smith told Charbonnet that he should have gotten out of bounds and then added, "But, damn, that was a nice hit." After the game, receiver DK Metcalf was asked what he admires more about the rookie running back and Metcalf said simply, "How he finishes runs."

But the Seahawks still are not using Charbonnet enough. The UCLA rookie currently averaged 5.6 yards per touch which leads all Seahawks running backs by almost a full yard. He also leads the team in yards per carry at 5.6. Charbonnet only has 38 rushing attempts in eight games, though. He doesn't need to supplant Kenneth Walker as RB1 for Seattle, but he should be getting twice as many carries than he is, especially considering the Seahawks spent a second-round pick on him.