4 Seattle Seahawks who should be next to join Ring of Honor

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Up next for Seahawks Ring of Honor No. 2: Doug Baldwin

It seems a bit odd, but Doug Baldwin and Sherman actually played in college together at Stanford. What is easy to believe, however, is that both players went to such a good school because both guys are intelligent on and off the field. Both players turned what many saw as limited physical ability compared to their peers in the NFL into great production through hard work, intelligence, and getting the most out of their ability.

Baldwin played all eight seasons of his career. By the end of those years, Baldwin was at the time third all-time on Seattle's career yards receiving (6,563), and second in touchdowns (49). Baldwin has been replaced by in both categories by Tyler Lockett, and Lockett will also take his place in the Ring of Honor.

But Lockett and Baldwin also share something more important than football success. Both guys do good work to assist others and try to do what they can to better the human race. Baldwin was given the Paul G. Allen Humanitarian Award in February of 2023. The award goes to top pro athletes making strides in their community.

Still, Baldwin should be in the Ring of Honor for the combination of on-field and off-field contributions. He is clearly one of the best receivers in franchise history. He also is one of the better people you might ever run into.