4 Seattle Seahawks who should be next to join Ring of Honor

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Up next for Seahawks Ring of Honor No. 3: Kam Chancellor

In a perfect world, all three of the most important members of the Legion of Boom - Thomas, Sherman, and Chancellor - would be inducted together, but Thomas may have simply left under such bad terms and had several recent off-field issues that he never gets inducted. Pairing Sherman and Chancellor for their induction would be nice as well, but it's probably best to let them each have their individual moment of honor as they deserve that.

Chancellor is the player that put the boom in the LOB. Opposing receivers feared him. But his fellow teammates respected him and he was an important leader in the locker room. Chancellor transformed the defense, however, with his versatility. He could cover decently well (he had 4 interceptions alone in 2011), but he could attack the line of scrimmage like few safeties can.

Chancellor was a four-time Pro Bowler and a two-time second-team All-Pro. Three times he had 97 tackles or more in a season. He also made plays just when they needed to be made with otherworldly frequency. In 2015, Seattle could have started the season 1-5 except for a game-saving forced fumble by Chancellor of receiver Calvin Johnson in Week 4. Seattle went on to make the playoffs that season.

And who can forget the hit Chancellor put on Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas early in Super Bowl XLVIII? The hit reminded the high-scoring Denver offense that they weren't up against just any NFL defense; They were playing one of the best and more ferocious defenses ever. And Chancellor was a leader of the unit.