3 Seattle Seahawks who may not finish their current deals

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The Seattle Seahawks, a team known for their competitive spirit and determination, shocked the football world last season by overperforming despite facing significant challenges. With the unexpected departure of their franchise quarterback, Russell Wilson, many doubted the team's ability to win games, let alone make it to the playoffs. However, under the leadership of head coach Pete Carroll and the collective efforts of the team, the Seahawks defied expectations and now look ahead to another season, eager to build on their recent success.

One of the standout factors of the Seahawks' success last season was the emergence of several key players. Quarterback Geno Smith, who stepped in for Wilson, showed remarkable poise and leadership, guiding the team through difficult moments. His performances instilled confidence in his teammates, and their support played a crucial role in the team's victories.

With the success of last season serving as a catalyst, the Seahawks have set their sights on even greater achievements. The team's front office has been proactive in building a competitive roster, making strategic acquisitions in the offseason to address key areas of improvement.

Three Seahawks who may not be back after 2023

The expectations for the Seattle Seahawks have undoubtedly risen due to the success of the previous season. The team's overperformance sparked hope among fans and the organization that they can continue to compete at a high level. However, replicating such success is a challenging feat.

If the upcoming season fails to meet expectations and the Seahawks encounter significant obstacles, a quick re-tooling process may become necessary. This re-tooling approach aims to swiftly reposition the team for success while capitalizing on the potential of its young core.