3 Seattle Seahawks who may not finish their current deals

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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams

The Seattle Seahawks' decision to trade for safety Jamaal Adams in an effort to bolster their secondary for the playoffs raised eyebrows within the NFL community. The team sacrificed valuable draft capital to acquire him, a move that was met with skepticism. The situation worsened when the Seahawks extended Adams to a massive contract, despite concerns about his injury history.

Jamaal Adams' injury history raises questions about his long-term durability and effectiveness. Injuries can hamper a player's performance and limit their ability to contribute consistently on the field. The Seahawks must carefully manage Adams' workload and monitor his health to ensure he can deliver the level of play expected from a highly-paid player. Any extended absence due to injuries could impact the team's overall defensive performance and hinder their postseason aspirations.

The massive contract extension for Adams has significant salary cap implications for the Seahawks. Allocating a substantial portion of their cap space to one player can restrict the team's ability to retain other key contributors or address other areas of need. The financial commitment to Adams places added pressure on the organization to build a competitive roster around him while managing the constraints of the salary cap.

In the event of a slow start or struggles early in the season, Seattle may need to address other areas of their roster that require immediate attention. Trading Jamaal Adams, who commands a significant salary, could free up resources to acquire players who can contribute in positions of need. This strategic reallocation of assets can help strengthen the team's overall roster depth and address areas that require immediate attention.