3 Seattle Seahawks who may not finish their current deals

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Seahawks QB Geno Smith

While the departure of franchise quarterback Russell Wilson cast doubt over the Seattle Seahawks' prospects last season, it was quarterback Geno Smith who stepped up and became the unsung hero behind the team's surprising success. Smith's contributions were instrumental in keeping the Seahawks competitive, showcasing his talent, poise, and leadership when the team needed it the most.

One of Geno Smith's most admirable qualities was his ability to remain composed in high-pressure situations. Despite the weight of filling Wilson's shoes, Smith showcased his ability to make crucial plays and lead the team with confidence. His decision-making and poise under pressure were critical in key moments, allowing the Seahawks to secure crucial victories.

Geno Smith's performance last season was nothing short of exceptional, particularly when it came to offensive statistical categories. Despite stepping into the starting role unexpectedly, Smith showcased his abilities and surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the team's offensive production. Let's delve into the statistical achievements that illustrate his remarkable season.

As the starting quarterback, Geno Smith may face the brunt of criticism if the team experiences a slow start or struggles early in the season. In football, the quarterback position often receives disproportionate blame or praise for a team's performance, even though success is a collective effort. Despite his undeniable talent, Smith may find himself shouldering the blame if the team falters, even if factors beyond his control contribute to the struggles.