How Seahawks pass rushing specialist BT Jordan will transform Seattle's defense

The Seahawks pass rush could be a formidable force in 2023 due to one big coaching change.
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The Seattle Seahawks added a secret weapon this offseason in their quest to supercharge the pass rush. Dre'Mont Jones is a big addition, sure, but pass-rushing specialist BT Jordan may be the biggest addition of all. He won't stay a secret for long.

I can't say it's common for a 35-year-old man who's flown this far under the radar to get hired by an NFL team. Then again, BT Jordan isn't common. Nor has he been that far under the radar, at least not to some of the best players in the game.

For years now, Jordan has trained some of the league's best pass rushers. Uchenna Nwosu is among them, but you can add the Packers Rashaan Gary, the Raiders Maxx Crosby, and even Von Miller and Chandler Jones. That's one heck of a client list, and they keep coming back to Jordan, year after year.

Well, they might next year after the Super Bowl, but for now, the Seahawks have him. Before joining the Hawks as their pass rush specialist, Jordan's only role with an NFL team was as an intern with the Arizona Cardinals. I'm sure no 12 is surprised that the Cardinals whiffed on hiring the guy that one NFL lineman called, "the Aaron Donald of D-line training". That's hardly the only praise that Jordan receives from his clients.

BT Jordan is the pass rush guru the Seahawks need

If you want a truly in-depth look at Jordan's background, I can't imagine you could find a better source than Ryan Wilson's article for, written in March of last year. It's fascinating, and I highly recommend it. There is so much background on Jordan here. That "Aaron Donald of training" quote from John Franklin-Myers can be found here, along with this quote from Rashan Gary:

""It's just his coaching IQ and his ability to break down pass sets and what you should be looking for from an offensive lineman. It's great. And I can't lie, I'm going into my fourth year in the NFL, I've gotten better each year coming back and training with him.""

Rashan Gary, per Ryan Wilson

Haason Reddick of the Eagles is another of Jordan's true believers. He started working with Jordan in 2020, and saw his sacks jump from 7.5 in his first three seasons to double digits every year since. Packers two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kenny Clark added his own accolades for Jordan:

""BT is different. As big guys (on the defensive line), we have to have good feet. BT understands that - the footwork, using your hands, flipping your hips. All the things we do here, it translates to the game, and it translates quickly and effortlessly.""

Kenny Clark, per Ryan Wilson

That is why I'm so certain that Jordan will be the not-so-secret weapon the Seahawks need to push their pass rush into the top echelon of the league. Obviously, it will be the players on the field that make it happen. They're the biggest reason I predict the Hawks will go over 60 sacks and 160 pressures this year. But BT Jordan is the man who will help them perfect their technique and get them over the top.

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