4 pending Seattle Seahawks free agents who probably won't be back in 2024

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Damien Lewis - Seattle Seahawks left guard

Lewis gets lumped in with the rest of the interior offensive line in 2022 and that is simply unfair to him. It also doesn't help that he had an atrocious playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers when he had three (three!) ineligible man downfield in the second half. Yes, some of them seemed extremely picky calls, but they were called and it hurt the team. (It also should be noted that Lewis had zero of the same kind of penalties in 2021 or in the regular season of 2022 so it seemed like the officials were looking for that.)

But overall, Lewis was the best of the interior offensive linemen for the Seahawks last season. Heck, the argument could be made he was the most consistent and best lineman Seattle had in 2022. Lewis, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription will be required), was the 11th-highest-graded guard in all of the NFL last year. So, not only was he good for Seattle, he was also good compared to other offensive guards in the league.

Lewis was taken in the third round of the 2020 draft and has been pretty good since he was drafted. He allowed 3 quarterbacks hits in 2022, just 2 in 2020, and allowed just 1 sack in 2021. And the argument could be made that he is an event better run blocker. Seattle needs to try to keep Lewis past 2023.

The problem is that Lewis has been good enough to earn a much bigger paycheck in 2024. Seattle does have the cash to spend on him to extend him past this coming season, but the team also has other players to extend. Plus, if Phil Haynes works out well at right guard in 2023, that might mean the team flips 2023 draft pick Anthony Bradford to the left side and he replaces Lewis in 2024.