4 pending Seattle Seahawks free agents who probably won't be back in 2024

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Jordyn Brooks - Seattle Seahawks linebacker

Let's hope Jordyn Brooks gets back quickly from a knee injury near the end of 2022, and let's hope that for both player and the Seahawks. Prior to the injury, Brooks was fast and could be ferocious. He was a steady performer if never the true superstar Seattle might have hoped he'd be when he was taken in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft.

When healthy, Brooks will probably be among the league leaders in tackles, and he doesn't miss any. The question is whether Seattle should have picked up Brooks' fifth-year option for 2024 that would have paid him $12 million. Should the team pay for a linebacker who can only do one thing really well (that being tackling)?

Brooks hasn't shown the ability to cover tight ends or pressure quarterbacks. He was the team's defensive signal caller in 2022 before being hurt and that didn't really go well either. Seattle missed assignments and gave up several explosive plays. Was that due to Brooks the signal caller or poor play by individual players or a combination of both?

That's what the Seahawks have to ask themselves about Brooks moving forward. He is definitely worth keeping around for several years, just not at $12 million a season. And just because the team didn't pick up his fifth-year option doesn't mean he won't return after this season, but it makes it a lot less likely he will.