For Pete's Sake: Critical observations from the Seahawks preseason Week 1 win

Seattle won its first preseason game of 2023 by defeating the Vikings.
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Surprise! The Seahawks have three quarterbacks

This set the stage for the second surprise of the night, The Holton Ahlers Experience. It didn't look too promising at the start as he fumbled the snap on his first NFL play. He recovered the ball and got it back to the line of scrimmage. On second down he connected on a four-yard pass, then lit up Lumen Field - see what I did there - with a 22-yard run that ended with a shoulder into the defender, not a slide. Our previous showstopper Koback ran for nine yards, followed by a seven-yard scamper by Ahlers.

After a false start pushed the Hawks back to the Vikes 30-yard line, things suddenly looked grim for the Seattle rookie QB. Under serious pressure, Ahlers let the ball fly deep. It looked like it was up for grabs, but Matt Landers delivered his best Tyler Lockett impression and came back to the ball. Not only did he beat two defenders to make the catch, but he juked them out of their cleats to complete the 30-yard scoring play. The noise didn't quite reach BeastQuake levels, but it wasn't too far off. With 3:08 left in the game, the contest was over.

Seattle's defense unleashed pure chaos after that, as they sacked Minnesota QB Jaren Hall on two straight plays, then nearly forced him into intentional grounding on third down. SaRodorick Thompson ripped off a huge 30-yard run, but it was called back for holding.

Seattle couldn't overcome the penalty and was forced to punt. Jake Bobo very nearly came up with his third huge play of the night as he knocked the punt back out of the end zone, but was ruled to have, oh, maybe a toenail on the goal line. Touchback, and Minnesota's ball at the 20. The teams exchanged punts after that, and the Seahawks' defense forced a turnover on downs to end the game for a 24-13 victory.