For Pete's Sake: Critical observations from the Seahawks preseason Week 1 win

Seattle won its first preseason game of 2023 by defeating the Vikings.
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Several Hawks stood out on this excellent night

When the Seahawks trailed 10-0, I was a little concerned. Sure, it's just preseason, but why they trailed by ten was the real concern. The running game was nonexistent, and they were getting destroyed in time of possession by nearly a two-to-one ratio. Still, Seattle managed to come out of the first half just trailing 10-3. They came out on fire in the second half. After swapping field goals, the Seahawks ate clock and yards, hanging two touchdowns on the Vikings and shutting them down the rest of the way. Seattle only had two sacks, but they were living in Minnesota's backfield for most of the second half.

After his interception, I was prepared to write Lock off as nothing more than a backup. Yes, he threaded the needle on the touchdown pass to Winston, but he also let a few passes sail and was a half-second late on a sure TD pass later in the game. But then he hit Bobo on that sweet back-shoulder hookup for the go-ahead score. Time for a rewrite, 12s. Lock made a few mistakes, sure, but when he was sharp, he was really sharp. He finished the night 17-24 for 190 yards and two scores. When you consider he didn't have Lockett or Metcalf in the game, that's a pretty good night.

The Hawks only gained 122 yards in the first half, but the offense came to life in the second half too, finishing the night with 332 yards. The running game was a big part of that, with 82 of their 107 yards coming in the second stanza. Holton Ahlers was a perfect 4/4 through the air, although he better buy Matt Landers a nice steak dinner for his terrific play on the touchdown pass. He invoked the name of Tim Tebow after the game, and, well, let's just hope he was referring to the college edition.

Who made the strongest case to make the 53-man roster? Certainly, Jake Bobo was the standout on the night. Then again, Matt Landers looked like a 10-year veteran with that adjustment to Ahlers ball. I'd say they both have to make the roster. Running back Bryant Koback certainly made his case too with 75 yards from scrimmage. On defense, Jerrick Reed laid more than a few nasty licks on the night, including a tackle for a loss and pass defense. There wasn't much doubt about John Rhattigan's position with the Hawks, but after nine tackles in the first half, I have to give the man his props. I have to think the 12s are happy with what they saw this night.

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