5 Seahawks players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Seattle needs to create cap room still and open up spots for players more likely to help the team.

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The Seattle Seahawks got a bit of a gift from the NFL when the salary cap number was about $8 million more than expected. This allowed Seattle to go from negative cap room to plus cap space. The team also rolled quarterback Geno Smith's roster bonus into a signing bonus and that helped some as well.

But Seattle still needs to make more room to sign free agents and draft picks. While new head coach Mike Macdonald should be expected to make the defense better even if the team has many of the same players as in 2023, he would probably like to bring in more talent in free agency. That might mean signing Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen who Macdonald coached the last two seasons.

What follows are five players that Seattle should move on from. Not all of these are because of the sizes of their contracts, though. Some would simply open roster spots for players more likely to consistently help the team.

Seattle Seahawks should move on from safety Jamal Adams

Seattle seems to still be debating whether Adams is in the team's plans moving forward. This is understandable as a healthy Adams would certainly be put to good use in a Mike Macdonald defense. Imagine the situations Macdonald could get Adams in, especially in terms of pass rush. Macdonald also uses three safety sets more than any other defensive coach so Adams might not be such a liability in coverage.

The biggest issue with the positivity above is that Jamal Adams simply has not stayed healthy. Since the beginning of 2021, he has missed 29 of a possible 51 games. Plus, he played in 12 of 17 in 2021 so he isn't trending better with his health. He is an extremely expensive player to keep around for one who hardly ever plays and the team never knows when he will.

Releasing Adams before June 1 will save the team a little over $7 million. If the team releases Adams with a post-June 1 designation, that move would save the team a little over $17 million but the money saved could not be spent until after June 1 so that doesn't help immediately. At least Adams' release would open up a roster spot for a player who likely is able to play more and therefore help the team more than Adams does.

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