5 Seahawks players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Seattle needs to create cap room still and open up spots for players more likely to help the team.

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D'Wayne Eskridge - Seahawks wide receiver

The question about Eskridge is not whether the Seahawks should move on from Eskridge but why he is still even on the team. Entering his fourth season, Eskridge has never produced much. His best ability might be in kickoff returns, which he showed in extremely limited fashion in 2023, that he could do. But while that skill would have been great to have 20 years ago, the NFL simply does not have as many kickoffs now so expecting a returner to consistently affect the outcome of games seems foolish.

But after those few games when Eskridge showed the shocking ability to do anything at all, he was hurt once again. That has been his biggest issue since he was taken in the second round of the 2021 NFL draft. He has missed 27 of a possible 51 games in his career. Six of those were due to a suspension from a domestic violence situation.

Maybe Eskridge was able to stick around longer than he should have because of Pete Carroll's loyalty. While that trait is great for a human being, the same can't be said for a football coach. Sometimes tough decisions must be made and Carroll probably let Eskridge hang around longer than most other coaches would have.

Eskridge, who has a total of 17 receptions for 122 yards and one touchdown catch in his three seasons, has a cap hit of $1,894,296 in 2024. The Seahawks would save $1.4 million by releasing the receiver. Based on his injury history and lack of production, there seems to be no reason to keep him around.

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