5 Seahawks players who don’t deserve another season in 2024

Seattle needs to create cap room still and open up spots for players more likely to help the team.

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Quandre Diggs - Seahawks safety

Even if Quandre Diggs had been as good in 2023 as had been for Seattle from 2019 through 2022 the team would still need to think about releasing him. His contract is too bloated to keep as it is. Diggs has a cap hit of $21,262,500 in 2024 but Seattle would save $11 million by moving on from him. There is a possibility the Seahawks could work out an extension with the 31-year-old Diggs and move some of his money over the years of the extension but he has already been restructured once so he is going to be expensive either way.

Corbin Smith of All Seahawks, who I respect, tweeted this week that "Diggs is still very good and simply didn't have the interception numbers last year." This is factually incorrect, though. The issue wasn't simply that Diggs' interceptions were lower than in previous years. He was worse in almost every important way.

This past season, Diggs missed 17.5 percent of his tackles, his highest number since 2019 and the third-highest number of his nine-year career. The safety allowed 71.4 percent of passes thrown his way to be completed, his highest number since 2018. He had a quarterback-rating-allowed of 95.4 was his second-highest (and highest since 2020) since 2018. He simply was not as good this past season and his numbers were bad compared to most other free safeties in the league.

With Diggs, though, his main problem is his bloated contract. $11 million is too much to pass on at a time when the Seahawks need to create all the space they can. Seattle would have to rebuild their safety group a bit if they lose both Adams and Diggs but that would also allow Seattle to get younger and faster at the position.