3 Seattle Seahawks players with the most to prove in 2023

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The Seattle Seahawks have a roster getting ever younger and it goes without saying (although, clearly I am writing it right now) that the young guys want to prove they belong in the NFL and should get a bunch of reps. They will have to earn time in training camp and show they can replace a veteran.

Speaking of those veterans, there are a few for Seattle that will get pushed by young players or a free agent signee. They will stick with the team this year, most likely, but what about beyond 2023? They will be fine through training camp, but what about when the real games begin?

Of course, every team goes through some offseason attrition. They will want to hold on to their best players. But for one reason or another, the three players that follow may not be among the Seahawks' best players in 2024 and may have a lot to prove in 2023.

Seahawks edge rusher Darrell Taylor

Taylor seems like an obvious player to have to prove himself this year. He'll be a restricted free agent after this coming season due to the fact he missed his rookie year with an injury he suffered in college. He is going to likely still be in Seattle in 2024, but what kind of role will he play? He's been awful against the run in his career and spotty getting to opposing quarterbacks.

Don't let his 9.5 sacks fool you. That is a good number, but Taylor only had 13 quarterback hits so he either got home or didn't do much. He simply got run over at times playing the run, so he really was only capable of being dangerous in pass rush. But in the last two drafts, the Seahawks have taken edge rushers Boye Mafe and Derick Hall and both seem capable of being more versatile and still have the ability to chase down quarterbacks.

If Taylor continues to be inconsistent in his production, no matter the overall numbers at the end of the season, and he's still not good against the run, Mafe or Hall (or even 2022 draftee Tyreke Smith) could still a bunch of his snaps. If that happens, Taylor could be a re-sign-and-trade piece next offseason.