3 Seattle Seahawks players with overlooked potential in 2023

These three players could have game-changing impacts this season.
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Seahawks edge rusher Darrell Taylor

What? Darrell Taylor on this list, Lee? How? Well, OK...stop yelling. The reason I have Taylor on this list is that I have a feeling people want to be so quick to replace him with a more versatile player. And honestly, I can't blame those people.

But Taylor should be able to play the run and the pass. In college at the University of Tennessee, Taylor bounced around from defensive end to linebacker but was really good against the run in the tough SEC. He might just need to change his frame of mind that he isn't just a pass rusher. Yes, pass rushers make a lot of money, but pass rushers who can also play the run make more.

If Taylor can't make himself better at run defense (and with a player of Taylor's raw skills, the want to stop the run is the biggest part of doing so), then he does need to be replaced by Boye Mafe or Derick Hall. It may say a lot that we have heard more about Mafe and Hall than we have Taylor in training camp so far, too.

But Taylor could be just one step away from being a Pro Bowl and all he needs to do is not get pancaked in run defense. His athleticism is great. If he combines that with the will do stop the run, he'll make bank when he's up for his next contract which is after 2024 (he's a restricted free agent next season).

Taylor is currently out of training camp with a banged-up shoulder but the injury isn't expected to need surgery and it seems unlikely Taylor will miss any games once the regualr season begins, unless he suffers a new injury.