3 Seattle Seahawks players with overlooked potential in 2023

These three players could have game-changing impacts this season.
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Seahawks receiver Dareke Young

Young is on this list because while some question whether he might make a jump to being WR4 for the Seahawks, this seems more dismissive of fellow receiver Dee Eskridge than because people think Young can be very good. But Young is a bigger target who flashed in the couple of times he caught a ball in 2022 that he might have some wiggle when he runs. Plus, now Eskridge has been suspended for the first six games of 2023 so Seattle should just release him anyway.

Young is still basically a gamble as he played at a small college that had no skill players other than Young and he had to play in an antiquated system, basically a wing-T. Most of the time that kind of thing is enough to not even get a player noticed, but Young still stood out because of his size and raw potential. The Seahawks are good at finding players like Young.

In 2022, Young was really good on special teams and he doesn't mind - to rephrase, he appears to love - to hit people and hit people hard. Young played like a college player on special teams, and I mean that in a good way. He acted as if he chose the Seahawks, as a high school player would choose a college, instead of Seattle choosing him.

But back to WR4 part. Young is 6'2" and 225 pounds. He has the capability and size to be a red-zone target. But in the two passes he caught in 2022, he seemed to show surprising quickness so Seattle could find more ways to get him involved instead of just near the end zone. Young also probably wouldn't mind being used out of the backfield or in tight end sets if he gets to block someone. He's a fun player to watch and hopefully, he will be a very productive player on offense this year.

Young did miss Seattle's mock game on Friday with a potential sports hernia, but assuming he gets back sooner than later.

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